Learning Seto Language With the Help of Ethnic Cuisine

MTÜ Seto Küük (Seto Kitchen NGO)

Short videos about preparation of traditional Seto food can be used as study aids

Seto cuisine is one of the most distinct and best-known elements of Seto cultural heritage. Cuisine is therefore an appropriate theme through which to speak and learn the Seto language.

45-minute clips about preparation of traditional Seto food in authentic settings.

Spoken commentaries and subtitles in Seto language.

With this in mind, the team of Seto Kitchen NGO set out to record short videos of preparing traditional Seto foods — including home-made cheese sõir and onion pie sibulapiirak — in authentic settings and most importantly, in Seto language.

Presence of Seto-language subtitles enriches the learning experience

The project required 2 full days for shooting videos in 2 different kitchens and in 2 culinary styles.

The four video clips are not detailed instructions for food-lovers interested in precise recipes, but glimpses into the daily life and traditions of Seto people. In addition to culinary topics they include stories that Seto mothers used to tell their daughters, with a special emphasis on language aspects of preparing Seto food.

Learning Seto Language With the Help of Ethnic Cuisine

Seto-language subtitles accompanying the videos make them perfect study aids for learners of Seto language. After the videos are uploaded on Youtube, subtitles in other, including other Finno-Ugric languages, can be added to video clips, thus widening their target audiences.

These short videos will raise interest in Seto language by means of food, resulting in better skills at Seto language and cuisine alike.

Inara Luigas, MTÜ Seto Küük