Internet TV in Seto language

Seto Infoselts (Seto Information Society NGO)

Youtube channel for Seto-language news, commentary and conversations

13 original programmes, 300 followers, 100–500 views per original content (as of May 2019).

SETO MEEDIA is a civic initiative of Rein Järvelill — a Seto community leader and currently Head of the Council of Setomaa Rural Municipality. SETO MEEDIA YouTube channel combines and mediates Seto-language video content and produces original Seto-language programmes. The objective is to preserve spoken Seto language and to make Seto language more accessible and attractive for Seto youth.

A basic Internet TV studio has been set up in Meremäe, Setomaa. Original content of SETO MEEDIA Youtube channel is focused on two themes: monthly overviews of the Setomaa magazine, and conversations with community leaders. SETO MEEDIA thus offers a unique opportunity to hear Seto language as it is actually spoken, making these programmes also effective study aids for learners of Seto language.

Internet TV in Seto language

Youtube channel allows to hear Seto language anywhere in the world

Setting up an Internet TV and periodically producing original content in Seto language has not been an easy undertaking. However, it has created another opportunity to hear and learn Seto language, both for residents of Setomaa and students of Seto language outside Setomaa. By documenting the speech and thoughts of Seto community leaders, the cultural and historical value of this YouTube will only grow over time.

SETO MEEDIA YouTube channel helps keep the Seto language alive and is accessible to Setos anywhere in the world.